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Getting Started

Welcome to the world of simracing, an exciting blend of virtual gaming and the thrill of racing. Here’s some key information to get you started:
What is simracing? Simracing is like being a race car driver, where you race on famous tracks, but all from the comfort of your home. It combines the excitement of racing with the convenience of gaming.
What games can I play? Currently, you can enjoy racing in Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) with us. We’re planning to expand our range to include other games in the future.
Why join Williams Gaming Club instead of just playing ACC? Joining a random ACC race can be unpredictable in terms of skill level and race conditions. At Williams Gaming Club, we aim to build a community where racers find like-minded competitors. You can participate in an official Williams Gaming Club public series or create your own series and invite friends.
What kind of equipment do I need to play? To get the most out of simracing, you’ll typically use a gaming wheel and pedals, which replicate a race car's controls. ACC is compatible with multiple platforms, but our club currently supports racing on PC, with plans to support more platforms in the future.
Where can I purchase ACC? You can purchase ACC through Steam. First, download Steam onto your computer, then purchase ACC through Steam. Remember to link your Steam account to your Williams account, as this is how we'll grant you access to our racing servers.
What is a server? In simracing, a server is like a virtual room on the internet where racers gather to compete. It’s the place where all the racing action happens online, each server hosting its own unique races.
What do I do when it's time for my race? When your race is about to start, you'll find the series server name and password in your series details. In ACC, go to Multiplayer, then find your server in the Server List. Enter the server name, the password, and you’ll be ready to race.

Hosting FAQ

Do I need my own server? No, all community races within the Williams Gaming Club have automatically deployed servers. It will also automatically populate result and standings immediately after the server finishes.
How does the seasonal calendar for my series work? Setting up a series will join the existing 6 weekly rotating calendar. You won’t need to faff with building a calendar or agreeing race lengths. Everything is already setup. Everyone within the community will get to practice and race the same circuit for the duration of the week.
Do I need to pay to host races in the Williams Gaming Club? No, hosting races within the Williams Gaming Club is free.
Can I broadcast my race on our community video content channels like Twitch? Absolutely! We would love to watch along. Please be sure to share your stream in the “Share your stream” channel within the Williams Gaming Club Discord.
Can I host races on console or is it just PC? It’s just PC for now.
Can I host races on iRacing or F1 or is it just Assetto Corsa Competizione? It’s just Assetto Corsa Competizione, but we are keen to bring you more titles in the future!
Can I choose the time and day for my series? Yes! Absolutely. You can even change this mid-way through via the admin page of the series.
Can we apply post-race penalties? Post race time penalties are currently not possible within this version of the platform.

Racer FAQ

How does the seasonal calendar work? The community will follow a 6 week season. Everyone within the community will get to practice and race the same circuit for the duration of the week. Each week, the circuit will change. The season will reset and restart after 6 weeks. You will be able to see your standings within your community at the end of each season.
Do I need an account to race? Yes, you will need to create an account to join a race in the Williams Gaming Club.
Do I need to pay to race in WGC? No, racing is free within the Williams Gaming Club.
Will my race be broadcast? We are keen to hear about and watch everyone who broadcasts their own point of view for their races within the Williams Gaming Club, please make sure you post a link in the “Share your stream” channel within the Williams Gaming Club Discord. Some races will feature an official broadcast on the Williams Esports Twitch channel, to find out which ones, please join the Discord.
How many people can join each race? Right now we allow up to 50 drivers per race.
Is it just PC? Yes, for the early release of the Williams Gaming Club, the platform will focus on PC. An update on consoles will be issued in the future.
Is it just Assetto Corsa Competizione? Yes, for the early release of the Williams Gaming Club, this will be focused on Assetto Corsa Competizione.
How do I join a series? Series can be joined via direct link, or by searching the Series Directory.
When do races start? Races are manually set by each individual host. Make sure you find a race starts starts on a day and time that suits you!
Why is the server live slightly earlier than stated? We run our servers through Linux operating systems, to ensure the server boots early to ensure it starts ahead of the set start time. The admin for the event can re-start the session at the correct time using the /restart command in game.

General FAQ

What is the Williams Gaming Club? The Williams Gaming Club is a dedicated community platform designed to engage sim racers to race together and join/build communities.
What if I have a problem? Please speak to one of the admins in the Williams Gaming Club Discord.
Is there any way to give feedback? Yes, please find the “feedback” channel in the Williams Gaming Club Discord to submit a feedback form.
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