Heritage Engineering
Maintenance, restoration and preservation of the team's historic Formula One cars and other engineering-related aspects within the Heritage programme.
Williams Heritage Engineering keeps the team’s historic Formula 1 cars running on track as they were designed to do – rather than simply acting as beautiful museum pieces. Our engineering team ensures our Championship-winning legacy is brought to life at events, exhibitions and driving experiences.


Technical Expertise

The technical team consists of experienced F1 engineers, designers and mechanics, most of whom had direct involvement with the design, build and running of the cars when they were racing. They have unrivalled knowledge of the cars and how to get the best out of them and are passionate about bringing history to life.


We hold the technical archive for all Williams-manufactured Formula 1 cars – a treasure trove of original car design concepts, manufacturing drawings, structural calculations, mechanical and aerodynamic design and analysis data. We also have race and test event data and original set-up sheets (green sheets) to fine tune the optimal mechanical and aerodynamic set-up for each car at every circuit.

Safety testing

Our top priority is to make Williams F1 heritage cars as safe as possible through rigorous testing and checks. We follow regular servicing cycles, including FIA F1 historic race regulation component life limits, to ensure that all structural and safety-relevant parts are tested before we take cars to the track.

Maintenance and Restoration

Nobody loves and understands our cars like we do, and we put that passion and knowledge into keeping the engines, chassis, and all components in working order.


Heritage F1 cars are time capsules of cutting-edge engineering from their own eras. We believe preserving that authenticity and historical accuracy is vital. To do this we use our extensive store of original parts, or where materials or components are no longer available, re-design and manufacture approved parts as closely as possible to the original specifications so history is preserved.

Car Operation

A full service to make the most of every millisecond of track running. From planning a run to firing up the engine and bringing legends to life, we handle event technical planning, car specification, mechanical and aerodynamic set-up and data analysis so the car systems are signed off and function properly within the correct operating range.
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